Ultima Flow

Ultima Flow is our top cable, and one of the best audiocables ever created.

Ultima Flow is an updated version of the previous Ultima model, but now with our unique LAMINAR FLOW-conductors incorporated into the design.

Ultima Flow cables are Laserwelded + silversoldered to the plugs or Spades to create the 100% unhindered flow from the cable to the connector.

Ultima Flow signalcables are build up as a shielded cable, inner wires are laminated-flow-wires of Pure Copper / Pure Silver combo, shielded by 99,99% pure silver.

Ultima Flow speakercables are build up from a thick laminated-flow-wire in the center, surrounded by seven very thin and very cautiously-rolled pure Silver-ribbons in each their own Teflon-tube. This construction gives just that unrestricted power-transportation from the amps to the speakers that is needed for a realistic dynamic experience in the bass as well as in the mid, in combination with an incredibly holographic musical experience.

Laminar-Flow means flow without any turbulence, and we accomplish it by building each signal-wire of several layers of extremely fine-rolled ribbons, twisted tightly in a laminated structure. Each ribbon is thinner than a human hair, but put together they become a solid wire. These wires are built from either Pure Copper ribbons or Pure Silver ribbons, or a combination of Pure Copper ribbons and Pure Silver ribbons. Not just a thin plating, but solid metals all the way.