Proxima S-Flow

Proxima S-Flow cables is a series of high-definition / high-dynamic audiocables that sets new standards in the industry. S-flow cables are build from ultra-pure +99,99% silver.

When speaking of parameters like Dynamic capability, Bass extension and Bass control, Soundstaging and resolution : here is the new standard! At the same time we managed to keep the warm timbre of the musical incident intact due to our LAMINAR-FLOW-conductors.

Laminar-Flow means flow without any turbulence, and we accomplish it by building each signal-wire of several layers of extremely fine-rolled ribbons, twisted tightly in a laminated structure. Each ribbon is thinner than a human hair, but put together they become a solid wire.

Proxima S-flow speakercables are built from Laminar-Flow wires, each wire laminated from 8 ribbons tightly twisted together. Designed to drive even the largest and most demanding speaker systems in the world.

Proxima S-Flow has no limitations concerning power-handling from any size amplifier.

Proxima S-flow signalcable is build from ultra-pure +99,99% silver.