Soeren Bertram was born an raised on electronics. His father was an engineer and fiddled with electronics in his free time. Among other projects, he built his own amplifiers and loudspeakers, which Soeren and his friends were allowed to play with at times – and consequently took apart as little boys do. At the age of 8 years, there was a ‘Phillips Electronic Engineer’ set under the christmas tree – a collection of components that could be put together in various kind of electronic circuits. This gift was one, that gave much inspiration and a lot of funny hours playing with electronics.

Thus, Soeren inherited his father’s passion for electronics and started playing around with electronics too. Speakers and amplifiers at first – and later on cables as well. To this date HiFi is Soeren’s greatest passion and hobby, surpassed by nothing else.Soeren was educated as a classical dental technician in 1985 and currently makes high-end dental prosthetics from his own clinic. He has through this business access to the finest gold and silver alloys, which he expertly manages to use for his the Bertram cables. As a result all materials in the Bertram cables are made per Bertram’s exact requirements and specs.Bertram Audio was initially launched in 1990, at first with sales in the Scandinavian countries only, but has since spread out the distribution to most parts of the world.

Soeren Bertram is a perfectionist by nature and every single cable is hand-made through and through. Countless hours, weeks, years even have been spent fine-tuning the knowledge base that lies behind every cable.

To mention but a few examples, the silver thread in the cables are rolled very slowly and cautiously 18 times – each time in the same direction (!) until the structure of the metal is sufficiently good for the Bertram cables. Also, every part of the production takes place in Bertram’s own production facilities, so that every little detail is perfected and made to meet the high standards of the Bertram cables. Furthermore, every termination is laser welded whenever possible, to ensure unrestricted and pure signal-flow.

The Bertram audio cables have won several blind-test, e.g. the Norwegian ‘Fidelity’ #5, 2008, where the Bertram cables were up against some of the finest cables in the world. See the test here.

The Bertram vision always has been and will remain: To create the purest audio cables in the world while at the same time making sure that the cables are magnificent to look at too.

Below we’ve featured a couple of glimpses of the making of the Bertram cables.